About us

The HVRI team is a small group comprising academics (who are also historic vehicle enthusiasts) and historic vehicle enthusiasts (who also have an academic interest in the nature of the historic vehicle movement) comprising:

Dr. Paul Frost BA (Hons), MSc., PhD. Chairman, Founding Director & Trustee. Head of Innovation and Development, School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton. Has worked in education, development and research for over 30 years.  Co-founder and director of motorbase.com, an organisation dedicated to the sharing of information to unite the historic vehicle community.

Dr. Chris Hart BA (Hons), MA (Economics), PhD (Linguistics).  Associate.  Was Founding Director & Trustee. Senior lecturer in Advertising at the University of Chester.  Has worked in education, commercial research and publishing for over 30 years.  Successful author & presenter.  Director of Midrash Publishing.  Previously at the University of Central England.

Dr. Brian Holdstock PhD, PGDip, HNC. Founding Director, Trustee & Company Secretary.  Senior Lecturer, School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton. Lectures in business strategy, financial analysis and accounting.  Previous career as managing director of a company specialising in surface treatments.

Dr. Jaime Kaminski BA (Hons), PhD, FSA, FRGS.  Director & Trustee. Senior Lecturer and research fellow at the University of Brighton Business School working in the Cultural Informatics Research Group.  Head of Heritage Research for the Business School’s Cultural Business Research Group, specialising in the study of socio-economic impact and business issues associated with heritage. 

Stephen Laing.  Founding Director & Trustee.  Curator, Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon. 

Denis Reardon.  Founding Director.  Retired.  Was researcher and lecturer at University of Central England. 

Geoffrey A. Smith Chartered MCIPD.  Founding Director & TrusteeChairman of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs 1998 to 2002 and Vice-President 2002-13. President of the Legislation Commission for the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens 2004-06.  Past career in Motor Industry.

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